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Bolton Comic Con 1st March 2015 February 3, 2015 No Comments

Kris modelling our stand, he's still got it.

Kris modelling our stand,
he’s still got it.

Hello all! We are excited to announce we will be trading at Bolton Comic Con on the 1st of March 2015, our first event of the new year! We will have our wide range of games on sale and lots of demo games to play. Hopefully we will be working with Dark Cleo Productions and providing demo games in a table top area they are running, just turn up and play some games.

BoltonCon will be a great day out full of traders, cosplay, retro gaming areas, signing areas, and more. Visit the link below to find details.

Bolton Comic Con – March 1st 2015

Lords of War Tournament Report January 20, 2015 No Comments

Who says in war there are no winners, in this case there clearly was!

Congratulations to Ben! However being on top only means one thing, everyone else will want revenge:)


8 people took part over 3 rounds, reaching a final game that went right up to the wire. I saw the concentration of the finalists, they were in it to win it. All the hard earned points will be up on the UK Honor Roll soon.

We will be running more of these at the Wigan club in the future, if you want to get involved drop me an email at You don’t need millions of cards, you don’t need that one super rare card from eBay for £100, you just need 1 Lords of War deck and your wits.

We played a standard faction game this time, in future we are going to try a custom faction game where you can swap a number of units to and from other armies. Will make the builders out there happy.

Further down the line once everyone has had a chance to play Orcs vs Dwarves 2 with Magic, Flying and Monstrous creatures, we will introduce that into the tournament as well.

See you on the battlefield!

Lords of War Tournament! January 4, 2015 No Comments


Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a great Christmas and celebrated a good New Year.

To get it off to a good start we are running a Lords Of War tournament at the Wigan Games club on the 9th of January. New players are welcome and you don’t have to be a pro player to join in. We have a few spare sets as well as some sets for sale on the night to get you started.

We will be starting around 8pm, directions for the club can be found here. Drop us a mail on if you would like to join in.

See you there!

Kickstarter Recommendations October 17, 2014 No Comments

There can be a lot of cack on Kickstarter, there is no denying that. Which makes it all the more important the good projects get visibility and backing. Here are a couple from British companies with good games that deserve your hard earned cash.

Rocket Race

Based in the League of Adventure steampunk setting, this game has you buying cards to build a rocket to the moon. 2 variations of the game have you either bidding or spending resource points to gather cards. Nice card art and lots of theme, its a great game.

Check out our overview below, then back here.

Lords of War


We are huge fans of this game and support it whenever possible, so we are looking forward to the next set to come out that adds magic, monstrous and flying units to the game. It doesn’t replace what you already have, this isn’t a new edition, it adds new game mechanics to your existing sets. And the art is amaaaazing.

For more info and backing click here.

That’s it for now, happy backing!

Grim Tree Games at Play Manchester! September 10, 2014 No Comments


2 bits of good news in one super post :)

Firstly, we are having a trade stand at Play Manchester this year with a wide range of tabletop games to buy. Play Manchester is a massive event that takes place in Manchester’s Event City on the 11th and 12 of October, on its third year and bigger than ever. It takes Video Games, Retro Games, Cosplay, Movie Fandom, and mashes it altogether in one monster weekend. Its going to be great to be able to bring our games to such an awesome event and get the chance to meet lots of gamers from all genres.

However, it gets better. our gaming chums Dark Cleo Productions will be running a tabletop gaming area where you can play lots of tabletop games. Its a great chance to play games you haven’t seen before, and meet new gamers. Some of the games being played will be available on our trade stand that will be running alongside the demo area. Its going to be a great opportunity to play new games, meet other gamers, all in an amazing venue with lots more going on.

For full details of Play Manchester click here, and our for more info on our gaming buddies Dark Cleo Productions click here.

See you there!

Grim Tree Games at Britcon 2014 July 14, 2014 No Comments


UPDATE: We are happy to announce we will be running a pre-release demo copy of Mars Attacks from Mantic Games on our demo tables! Along side that we will be running demos of Kings of War, Deadzone, and lots of other board and card games. Drop us a mail on before the event if there is a game you want us to bring along and save for you, check for prices and availability.

Original Post: Hello! We are on the road again, this time we will be in Manchester at BritCon 2014. Not heard of BritCon? Lets fix that, click here :)
We will have a trade stand where you can come and buy lots of lovely board games, card games and roleplaying games, if there is any thing you want in advance let us know so we can bring it along.

All good stuff, see you there!

Grim Tree Games at the UK Games Expo 2014 June 7, 2014 No Comments

We had a last minute idea with the UK Games Expo this year. Our twitter feed was full of people that wanted to go but couldn’t. I suggested filming a geek eye view of the event, what if we did a few walk rounds so you can get a feel for it all?

We then came across YouTube Capture on the iPhone which lets us immediately upload videos from our phones. So we went a bit crazy.

Below is our playlist of videos from that event, we had a blast at the Expo and great fun making the videos. If you like them be sure to let us know so we can make more!

Grim Tree YouTube Channel Goes into Overdrive!! June 4, 2014 No Comments

Hello all! Well, haven’t we been busy. We have stepped up the filming for our YouTube channel and have managed to get a few more videos done. Why? Because we love it, that’s why.

We are going to be doing 4 type of videos in the future. We will do Unboxings and Game Overviews as before, but we will also be doing Let’s Plays and our show One Last Round. In Let’s Plays we will play a game through so you can see it in action, and see how genuinely bad I am at playing games. In One Last Round we come back from our games club later than sensible, have a little tipple, and talk about what we played and games in general.

And all for you lovely lovely people. Your welcome :)

So, here is our latest batch of filmed geekery, enjoy!

Wigan Con Gaming Area, Come Play Games! April 28, 2014 No Comments

Hello all!! More cool news :) We are running our trade stand at Wigan Con this year on the 22nd of June. Its the first time the event has run and its shaping up to be very good. There will be lots of geek culture events and stalls, with signing panels. For more info on the event visit the Facebook page here:

Geek gold right? Here is the extra cool news, we are running our trade stand in the cafe area, which we are also using as an official gaming area! We have a library of games with us to try as well as our demo tables, so drop by, grab a brew, and play some games! If you have anything you want to bring along to play that’s fine as well, in the open gaming area you should be able to find a willing opponent.

Come along and geek out at the Con, then stop by and play some games. Good times.

See you there!!!

Mantic Demos at Phalanx War Games Show No Comments

Hello again! We will be at the Phalanx Games Show in St Helens on the 14th of June, as we as our usual trade stand selling a wide range of games, we are also running a Mantic Demo table.

We will be running Kings of War and Deadzone, if you want to see it in action come along and have a go. We will also have lots of Mantic products for sale on the trade stand if you like what you see :)

Details of the game show can be found here

See you there!