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Dice & Donuts Board Game Cafe, with added Grim Tree! November 20, 2015


Dice and Donuts is a board gaming cafe that has just opened in the heart of Preston. Big games library, good food and good people. Can’t ask for much more….. or can you?

As an added bonus we are selling a selection of games there, look out for the Grim Tree shelf. Also from 7pm the first Friday of every month we will have a Grim Friday event. Come and play games with us! All are welcome, in the coming months we will be running theme nights with promotions and any other fun things we can think of.

Exciting times! Hopefully we will see you there to support the new venture, game on!

Find all the details for Dice and Donuts below:

Twitter: @diceanddonuts
Facebook: Diceanddonuts

Dice & Donuts
6 Butler St

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